Georgian Accelerator

Shaun and Andrea McCracken

This award has been made available to Georgian College through the generosity of Shaun McCracken and Andrea McCracken (Dietrich), who are both Georgian Alumni. Both Andrea and Shaun were heavily involved at the Georgian College Barrie Campus as student leaders. They both met at Georgian College and were married in the summer of 2016. At their wedding, in lieu of gifts to their guests, they established the McCracken/Dietrich Leadership Award to recognize annually a student who engages in on-campus leadership activities with a $500 scholarship. The McCracken/Dietrich story began at Georgian, and Shaun and Andrea wanted to do something to not only thank the college for bringing them together, but for ensuring that they both had a solid foundation to build a life from. Their hope is that this scholarship also helps a student have the opportunities they had to get involved, without having to worry about additional jobs on top of school and other life commitments.

Please address your thank you letter to Mr. Shaun and Mrs. Andrea McCracken