Monica Drake

The Speers Society

One minute you are a balanced functioning member of society; the next, with no warning, you become a victim of violent crime. On October 7, 1991 Monica was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Our whole world changed in an instant. Our baby was dead.

Monica was a lover of animals—especially her dog Blazer. As a veterinary assistant her world wound around caring for and supporting animals. Her dream was to complete her certification, but that day never came.

Shortly after her death I developed Monica’s story so that others would not walk in her footsteps. Eight years later, the story evolved with the help of Documentary Productions and the National Film Board, into the award-winning documentary, A Love That Kills, which tells the story of Monica and identifies warning signs of abusive relationships.

At this point the Speers Society was formed (a not for profit charitable organization). We went onto develop the Choices for Positive Youth Relationships program, a six step by step interactive lesson plans to stimulate discussion and skill development. The program enhanced the learning opportunities of the film and encouraged the development of skills and attitudes among young people that fostered safe and responsible choices about interpersonal relationships. This program and the film have been linked to specific curriculum in every province in a variety of subjects. The program was implemented into High Schools across Canada.

Several years later, we reached our goal and the Speers Society was closed. To honor Monica and to help others reach the veterinary assistant goal we created Monica Drake Scholarship. We wish for all who receive this Scholarship happiness and joy within their work. Monica would have loved to have had this opportunity.

Monica’s legacy lives on within the many people that she has helped—-and for this we are very proud.

Please address your thank you letter to Mrs. Dawna Speers