Grizzly Athletic Excellence Award

Presented to an incoming student-athlete who has demonstrated technical abilities, physical qualities and tactical awareness in elite and high-performance programs, in their chosen sport, that will translate well to post-secondary sport. The recipient must have a strong work-ethic and ability to contribute to a positive team atmosphere. The recipient must have completed the minimum number of courses or credits (9 credits each semester) required for OCAA eligibility and maintain a 60% GPA throughout the semester. In accordance with OCAA Regulations, successful student-athletes participating in two semester sports such as Badminton, Basketball or Volleyball are eligible to receive up to $3,000 per calendar year under the discretion of the Athletics department. Successful student-athletes competing in one semester sports such as Cross-Country Running, Golf, Rugby, or Soccer are only eligible for a maximum amount of $1,500 per calendar year. The amount for one semester sports can be split over two semesters (Fall, Winter) or provided at once. Student-athletes in two semester sports will receive 50% of the total award amount in January for the Fall semester and the remaining 50% in May for the Winter Semester.