CARFAX Automotive Entrepreneurial Award

Presented to a second-year student enrolled in the Automotive Business program or in the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Automotive Management) program who has demonstrated an entrepreneurial flair, maintained academic merit (70 per cent or higher) and shows significant interest in a career in the automotive industry. Applicant’s will be required to submit an essay to be considered for this opportunity. Essay requirements will populate once the opportunity has been matched to qualified applicants.

1 @ $2,500
Supplemental Questions
  1. In order to be considered for the CARFAX Automotive Entrepreneurial Award, you are required to respond to the essay statement below:

    CARFAX Canada research has shown that car owners are very loyal to service locations, and they aren’t actively looking to switch where they take their vehicle for service (source: CARFAX Driving Insights).

    Imagine you’ve just been hired as the General Manager at a car dealership, and your Dealer Principal has given you one goal: generate more service revenue.

    Please describe 2-3 strategies/tactics you would implement to attract new service customers, and 2-3 strategies that you would use to keep them coming back for service. We encourage you to think outside of the box to come up with new/different ideas that aren’t already being widely used by dealerships.

    Clearly explain why you’re recommending each idea, and why you think customers would respond positively and switch to your dealership for service. Remember, as the GM you can change anything you want at the dealership to help generate more service revenue.

    You’ll be evaluated based on the strength of your ideas, the rationale that you provide, and the overall quality of your essay.