Walker Wood Foundation

Walker Wood Foundation

This Award was established through the generosity of the Walker Wood Foundation. The Foundation was established in 2006 by Neil C.W. Wood and his wife Susan. Both Susan and Neil have travelled extensively throughout Canada in an effort to determine where these funds can be most effectively awarded within the various diverse regions of the country. Walker Wood Foundation is dedicated to the funding of post-secondary education at all levels to candidates who have high academic standing, demonstrated leadership or similar qualities and who might have otherwise found it difficult to afford further education.

In the early 1900’s Neil Wood’s father, James Walker Wood, M.D, a bright young man with little means, was awarded a full Carnegie Scholarship to attend Medical School at the University of Aberdeen. Upon graduation in 1914 he immediately enlisted with the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders and was dispatched to the Western Front during World War I, where he served as a medical officer. Following his return to England he devoted the rest of his life to caring for the sick and ailing in a poor working-class district of Yorkshire, as a Family Practitioner.

This inspired Neil and Susan to establish the Walker Wood Foundation with the intent of assisting students in acquiring post-secondary education, who might not have otherwise been able to, due to financial hardship.

Please address thank you letters to Kate Wood